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Nourish your body and soothe your soul with a luxurious med spa that is the ultimate gateway to holistic health and wellness.

About VitaLuxx

VitaLuxx IV Lounge & Med Spa is a luxury med spa in Orlando, FL. Our spa is uniquely tailored for the drip experience ultimate with comfortable seating, dim lighting, aroma therapy, calming music, and an undeniably relaxing atmosphere. While walk-ins are welcomed, booking an appointment online ensures we are ready for you the moment you arrive, creating an ultimate VIP experience. Our infusions were carefully formulated to align with your wellness goals in mind.

Our lounge stands out from the rest because we are the only one in the area that provides a private VIP experience that is calming, tranquil, and serene. Truly feeding your soul, not just your cells!

What Future Do We Want to Help Create?

We want to see a world where its citizens are healthy of mind, body, and spirit and feel welcome and accepted by all.
We want to provide a tranquil oasis where feeling beautiful and strong is synonymous with health and vitality.

We all deserve to feel pampered in luxury, and our health depends on the actions we take today.

Our Core Values


You deserve to be replenished & pampered in a luxurious environment.


The most vital components of a happy & healthy life is optimal health of the mind, body and spirit


We believe there is beauty in each of us, and you are welcome just as you are.


Our team of trained professionals is passionate about improving the overall wellness of each individual.


At VitaLuxx, we believe in feeding your mind, body, and the soul in luxury, one cell at a time.

Meet the Team

Britney Thompson

Britney Thompson, BSN, RN, FNP-S, is the owner & founder of VitaLuxx IV Lounge & Med Spa. She is a registered nurse with years of critical care experience, who is excited to refocus her career on wellness & aesthetics.

What inspired you open your business?

I am a registered nurse and it is in our nature to be nurturing, compassionate, and results driven.Throughout my years of working in critical care in the hospital, I’ve realized that I want to focus on preventative versus reactive medicine. I want to inspire and educate others to focus on their wellness to prevent them from having chronic illnesses. I want to strive to eliminate nerves and jitters surrounding healthcare, so individuals are inspired versus nervous. More often than not, fear is what stops people from entering a medical facility until they cannot ignore their symptoms. During my years spent as a bedside nurse, patients are often dealing with illnesses that could have been prevented by prioritizing their wellness. Simple lifestyle changes, regular check ups, and nutrition is key to living a long and healthy life”

Treat your Body, Mind, and Soul All At Once